Sondors Ebike Wikia

Photo by Jason Wondolleck


Bottom bracket: 122 mm

Seat post: 28.6 mm; quick-release clamp


Rims: 26 in x 4 in, pinned construction [Source: Lon McClure, Sondors Storm Owners Group, Facebook]

Spokes: Chrome

Tubes: Schrader valve

Tires: Chaoyang



Cranks: Prowheel 170

Chainring: 40T

Chain: KMC Rustbuster


Bafang RM G06.350.D

Connector Size Rear Motor

Brake Disc Brake

Weight ≤4.6 kg

Installation Widths 170-190 mm

Max. Housing Diameter ≥ 158.5 mm

Cabling Shaft Center, Right

Spoke Specification 12G/13G

Construction Geared Motor

Nominal Voltage 36/48V

Rated Power 250-750 W

RPM 180-420

Max Torque 60-80 N.m

Efficiency ≥80

Further Specifications

Cadence (Pulses/Cycle) 6/1

Reduction Ratio 1:5

Magnet Poles 20

Noise <55 dB

Hall Sensor optional

Connector optional

Tests & Certifications

IP-Code IP 65

Compliance ROHS

Label CE


Manufacturer/Model: Samsung cells, model number 10S4P-1CR18650-22P

Composition: Lithium-Ion

Nominal voltage: 36 V

Energy: 316.8 Wh

Capacity: 8.8 Ah

[Source: photo of battery data plate by Bruce Choate in Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook]


Model: KT36ZWS-LD01

Rated voltage: 36 V DC

Rated current: 10 A

Low voltage protection: 30 V DC +/- 0.5 V

Maximum current: 15 A +/- 1 A

Inputs: thumb throttle, pedal assist sensors (positioned next to chain-side crank)

Speed set: 1-4.2 V

Safety cut-off: brake levers cabled to controller; sensors disable controller output when either brake is applied

Brake input: Low-level

Pedal assist: Functions whenever the battery is installed and the battery switch is on (and the throttle LEDs are on). The only level of pedal assist is "mild." Use the throttle while pedaling for more assistance. [Source: Mike Ritchie, Sondors Storm Owners Group, Facebook]


Manufacturer: Sans Electronic Co., LTD

Model: SSLC084V42

Input: 100 V - 240 V AC; 1.8 A max

Output: 42.0 V DC; 1.8 A